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Launching Libertyland

I'm thrilled to share with you the launch of my newest novel, "Libertyland." Writing this book has been a journey—one that has taken me through the depths of political intrigue, personal conviction, and the very essence of what it means to fight for freedom in today’s America.

At the heart of "Libertyland" is Carson McCready, a character unlike any I’ve created before. A former Navy SEAL wrongly accused of a devastating act of terrorism, Carson's quest to clear his name uncovers a chilling conspiracy. This is not just any plot, but one devised by libertarian billionaires with a vision for America that chills to the bone—a nation ruled by the iron fist of unfettered capitalism.

But "Libertyland" isn’t solely Carson’s story. It intertwines with the tale of Suzanne Dreyfus and Garrick Cripps, whose past romance at MIT lays the groundwork for a narrative rich in philosophical debate and tension. Suzanne's creation, "The Liberation Manifesto," a satirical critique of libertarian ideals, is mistakenly seen by Garrick as a serious manifesto for toppling democracy. This misinterpretation sets off a chain reaction, propelling the story into a heart-pounding race against time.

What sets "Libertyland" apart, for me, is its exploration of themes close to my heart—freedom, individualism, and the moral dilemmas that arise when these ideals are threatened. Through Carson, a warrior as much of the mind as of the battlefield, I delve into these concepts, inviting you, my readers, to ponder alongside him.

Writing "Libertyland" was as much a challenge as it was a revelation.

In a time when our world seems divided, this novel is both a reflection of our turbulent times and a timeless narrative about the enduring quest for justice and liberty. It's a story that, while firmly rooted in the thrill of the chase and the intrigue of conspiracy, also asks deeper questions about the direction our society is headed.

This novel represents a significant departure from my previous work, blending the action-packed excitement of a thriller with a thoughtful examination of pressing philosophical and political issues. Balancing these elements was no small feat, but it was a task I undertook with passion and dedication, driven by a belief in the power of fiction to not only entertain but to provoke thought and inspire change.

As I release "Libertyland" into the world, I invite you to join Carson, Suzanne, and a cast of compelling characters on a journey through the shadowy corners of American society. It’s a voyage that promises not just thrills and suspense, but also a deeper understanding of the struggles and triumphs that define our quest for freedom.

"Libertyland" is more than just my latest novel—it's a reflection of my own grappling with the complex tapestry of modern American life and the ideals that shape it. I hope that it resonates with you, my readers, as deeply as it has with me.

Welcome to "Libertyland."


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