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About Libertyland


During a passionate romance with Garrick Cripps, Suzanne Dreyfus wrote The Liberation Manifesto, a wicked satire of right-wing libertarian philosophy. However, Garrick took Suzanne’s parody seriously and now, many years later, uses it as a blueprint for how to overthrow American democracy in favor of the 1%. But for the revolution to begin, an inciting event, like a Stateside terrorist attack, is needed to convince the public that drastic change in leadership is necessary.

Suzanne, along with Carson McCready, a former Navy SEAL, and Laura Cavendish, a cyber weapons expert, are all that stand between Cripps and leadership of the country. Culminating in a violent denouement, Libertyland shows what could happen if the ideas of a madman go unchecked.

Libertyland is a departure from most thrillers of its ilk. Carson McCready, the main protagonist, breaks the predictable stereotype of the flag-waving uber-patriot. A student of the human condition, he thinks deeply about freedom and individualism, and in the end, he has no choice but to uphold his oath of honor and battle a violent conspiracy that is fueled by the blood of innocents. The themes are timeless. But Libertyland is also timely—a work of fiction that is unique to here and now.

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