We often hear about the growing divide between rich and poor in America. This compelling exposé, backed by up-to-date research, locates the source of this trend where we might least expect to find it—in our schools. Written for a wide audience, Tearing Down the Gates is a powerful indictment of American education that shows how schools, colleges, and universities exacerbate inequality by providing ample opportunities for advantaged students while shutting the gates on the poor—and even the middle class.
Woven throughout with voices of Americans both rich and poor, Tearing Down the Gates describes a disturbing situation that has the potential to undermine the American dream, not just for some, but for all of us. At the heart of this book is a question of justice, and Sacks demands that we take a hard look at what equal opportunity really means in the United States today.

"Peter Sacks is one of the great storytellers of American inequality." -  Richard D. Kahlenberg, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation


"A powerful, timely, and richly documented work on the stunning disparities in success and opportunity along the lines of class and race that undermine the promises of democratic education in America." —Jonathan Kozol, author of The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America


“An indignant and informative book.”—Andrew Delbanco New York Review Of Books.




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America's Class Divide: Author and Speaker Peter Sacks